Slick Willie Spins Princess Hillary Fairy Tale

Liars characteristically become so overconfident that they try to get away with obvious lies.

Former President Bill Clinton’s fairy tale like biography of Hillary’s life omitted some significant facts and ended with a blatant lie.  Slick Willie  implied Hillary’s early career was about charity type work.  He omitted the fact she had a  high prestige job with the Senate Watergate Committee perhaps because he didn’t want to remind  people Hillary  and President Richard Nixon both avoided prosecution for their questionable actions.

Slick Willie mentioned that Hillary got a job with the “oldest law firm west of the Mississippi” without mentioning that the Rose Law Firm would become  a symbol of corruption after Hillary’s association with it.  He didn’t mention the fact that a firm whose clients could have problems with the state might have hired the Arkansas Attorney General’s wife to gain leverage with state agencies.  .

Slick Willie ended his discussion with a blatant lie about Hillary helping resolve conflicts in other countries.  .I doubt that the residents of Libya and other Middle Eastern countries she helped wreck would agree with him.   The families of the men she allowed to die in Benghazi have already said they don’t trust her.

The British government pulled its diplomats out of Benghazi after at attempt to kill its ambassador.  Why did Hillary leave our ambassador there to die?

Can Old Lady Clinton Understand Benghazi Significance?

The thing that most bothers me about Hillary Clinton’s comments about Benghazi is that she doesn’t seem to understand why people are concerned about her mishandling of the Benghazi situation.   She doesn’t seem to understand that her mishandling of the situation allowed al Qaeda to win a major victory at Benghazi by killing the top U.S. official in Libya.    Clinton doesn’t seem to understand why her use of a private email server threatened national security.

The Obama administration had been claiming a victory every time it killed an al Qaeda leader including killing Osama bin Laden .   An intelligent Secretary of State would have wanted to prevent the enemy from being able to kill any American ambassador.  Clinton foolishly decided to make it as easy as  possible for al Qaeda to kill Ambassador Chris Stevens.  Her handling of the situation would have made more sense if she had wanted him to die.

Clinton’s   attempt to make a diplomatic facility at Benghazi permanent was the biggest American battlefield mistake since the Battle of Hamburger Hill in the Vietnam War.  The war on terror has made much of the world a potential battle field.   The enemy can attack any where, at any time even in San Bernardino California.

In May, 1969, the commanding general of the 101st Airborne made a foolish decision to try to take a well defended but worthless piece of real estate that became known as Hamburger Hill.  The Americans suffered heavy casualties and failed to take the hill which the enemy then abandoned.

Clinton had ample warning that the ambassador would be in eminent danger in Benghazi.  The consulate had already suffered two minor attacks.  There had been attacks on the Tunisian consulate and the U.N. Special Envoy’s convoy.   The International Red Cross closed its office after it was attacked.   The British government withdrew its diplomats  from Benghazi after an attack on its ambassador’s convoy.

Clinton’s critics have focused on the inadequate security at the Benghazi consulate and ignored the fact that the facility shouldn’t have been defended in the first place.   A competent Secretary of State would have followed the example of the International Red Cross and the British government and abandoned a  building that wasn’t worth the loss of American lives.

Clinton’s use of a less secure private email server may have made it possible for al Qaeda leaders to learn the United States wouldn’t defend the consulate

The advice of the old gambler in the Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler” applies to war as well as poker

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
And know when to run.”

The United States should have walked away from Benghazi.    There is no shame in walking a way from a battle that cannot be won.  In the early years of World War II the British army walked away from  France and the United States army walked away from the Philippines because the locations couldn’t be defended at that time.

Global Warming and the Great Pumpkin

After  watching last Halloween’s broadcast of  “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”, I realized that Linus <a href=””>van Pelt</a> is like those who preach global warming.    Linus doesn’t let the failure of the Great Pumpkin to appear destroy his belief that the Great Pumpkin exists.   Similarly,  the climate shaman who preach  global warming won’t let colder than normal winter weather in recent years destroy their belief that someday their “Great Pumpkin” will rise from the pumpkin patch and distribute warming throughout the world.

When I started examining the claims about global warming I was surprised by the total lack of any scientific basis for the claim that changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide could raise the temperature of the air.    The idea that a gas that is only 0.04% of the atmosphere could determine atmospheric temperature  sounds more like magic than science.   The false belief that heat in greenhouses and the atmosphere involved the trapping of low energy infrared radiation developed at a time when scientists falsely believed atoms were the smallest particles of matter.   Many believed Benjamin Franklin’s theory that heat involved some mysterious “fluid”. they called <a href=””>”caloric”</a&gt;

For those not familiar with the “Great Pumpkin…”  program, Linus van Pelt is a little boy in the “Peanuts” comic strip which is available at  <a href=””></a&gt;.  A recurring story line is his long standing belief that on Halloween the Great Pumpkin will rise from a sincere pumpkin patch and distribute toys.   On this particular Halloween he convinces Sally Brown, who considers him her “sweet babboo”, to sit in the pumpkin patch with him.   She is mad when the Great Pumpkin doesn’t appear.  However, Linus is undeterred in his belief that the Great Pumpkin will eventually appear.   In the comic strip Linus is occasionally shown waiting in the pumpkin patch on Halloween.   Sometimes he will persuade someone else to wait with him

I decided to wait until winter to write about the subject so everyone but global warming shaman would recognize that global warming. is as much a myth as the Great Pumpkin.   Near and subfreezing  weather
occurred frequently in the continental U.S. except for  Florida, California, and small parts of Texas, Arizona and the coasts of Oregon and Washington. For example, on the morning of January 8 subfreezing temperatures extended south into the atmosphere over the  northern Gulf  of Mexico and west from the Atlantic to California and parts of Oregon and Washington.   The 20 F line  reached through Georgia just north of the border with Florida.

Those who preach the global warning religion act more like religious fanatics  than scientists.   Real scientists respond to critics by trying to fi  nd more facts to support their theories.    The global warming preachers respond to criticism with name calling and threats.    They use terms such as “denier” and “contrarian” like religious fanatics use the term “heretic”,    Religious fanatics rely on consensus about beliefs rather than facts.

The claims of empirical science are considered more valid than other claims when the science claims are based upon verification through observation and experimentation.    Physicist R.W. Wood tested the claim  that trapping infrared radiation helped greenhouses retain heat in 1909 in an <a href=””>experiment</a&gt; that used greenhouses that were identical except that one greenhouse used glass that reflected IR and the other used glass that was transparent to IR .   His experiment disproved the theory that “trapping” IR caused the heat in greenhouses  or the atmosphere.

<a href=””>Neils  Bohr</a> subsequently demonstrated that the process of absorbing and re-emitting specific wavelengths of light by molecules  had nothing to do with heating.  Instead, the process involved changes in the energy state of the electrons.   His calculations indicated that the very small amount of energy involved was what he called a “quantum”.    The quantum of energy released by CO2 molecules wouldn’t be enough to heat anything.  The process of absorbing and re-emitting radiation breaks  up the radiation instead of trapping it.

Real scientists know that conduction by heated surfaces heats the atmosphere and the air in greenhouses.  At any one instant heated objects convert only a  fraction of their heat energy to radiation so heat transfer by radiation to other objects is limited.  However a heated object in what physicists call “thermal contact” with another object or gases will attempt to heat the other substance to its temperature.   The walls and ceiling of a greenhouse hold the heated air inside. Outside the greenhouse  gravity holds heated air  close to the ground.

Global warming shaman have yet to provide any  proof that carbon dioxide or any other gas can cause heating by interacting with electromagnetic radiation.   They just demonstrate their ignorance of science and  math by claiming a nonsense number they call “average global temperature”  proves global warming.     More on the average temperature nonsense in my next post.

The global warming priests are much like the priests who opposed Galileo and Copernicus.    The two got into trouble because they challenged the belief that earth was the center of the solar system and the universe.  The global warming priests essentially believe that humans (rather than the sun and forces beyond human control) determine weather and climate by manipulation of the “magical” gas carbon dioxide.  Real scientists recognize that humans at most can only have a slight impact on microclimates.  Those who believe in global warming will continue to believe that their figurative”Great Pumpkin” will rise from his pumpkin patch regardless of what the weather does because they believe that humans are in control of climate.


I have published numerous posts on the controversy over alleged global warming over the last few years. I plan to consolidate them here with some new posts so they are easier to find.

There is no scientific basis for the claim that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can control air temperature. The belief that greenhouses and the atmosphere trap radiation to raise temperature was disproved a century ago by R.W. Wood.

Unfortunately some religious fanatics masquerading as scientists continue to push the belief that humans, rather than factors beyond human control, determine earth’s climate. Their attempts to silence anyone who opposes their belief is the biggest threat to empirical science since the attacks on Copernicus and Galileo.